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welding and piping installations solutions .


we perform precision welding on almost anything - on all types of metal

TIG Welding .

MIG Welding .

ARC Welding .

OxyAcetylene Welding and

Cutting .

piping solutions

steelizer piping Solutions provides specialised piping solutions to industry. We are focused on the needs of our clients and committed to raising the standards and technical skills in the metal fabrication and oil , gas ,Fire resistance , Food & Dairy, and Pharmaceutica industries.


Handcrafted quality products made for the roughest conditions on and off shore. This is what we strive for.

Tanks & vessels

Steelizer tanks are built durable in comparison to industry standards. We fabricate single shell, jacketed with heat transfer, round or square tanks, with or without agitators or mixers to handle your heating, cooling, blending and storage needs.


PRicing and plans